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Who Wants To Marry Me (WWTMM) is a one stop consulting team that provides relationship development for finding that special someone.

Let our team help you learn to:

  • Attract the right people
  • Expand your social network
  • Build strong relationships
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Dress confidently

From having experience to having none and from the first interaction to finalizing the proposal, our consultants will assist you each step of the way.

WWTMM will help you learn and grow to be yourself and meet others in an authentic way.



Mahim Khan – Founder – 24/7 Personal Coach

Who Wants To Marry Me (WWTMM) was founded by Mahim Khan in July 2012. WWTMM was a social and radical experiment and it’s sole purpose to get married. Mahim realized with her traditional and modern personality that it was difficult to meet The One. She then engaged in this out-of-the box method in the hopes to find him. She has since gained insight, knowledge and passion to help other Muslims find that special someone.

Born and raised in Austin, TX, Mahim is a “Southern Girl” at heart. Although always an avid fan of television reporters while growing up, her aspiration to be one was confirmed when she won a local radio contest and interviewed her first celebrity. She enjoys volunteering with animals and children, traveling, running, tennis and basketball. Mahim is happiest when hosting, surrounded by friends, family and food! She believes in playing hard and working harder.

Mahim graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Communication which included relationship development courses. A former accountant turned TV Presenter, she began working in the entertainment industry at E! pursuing a profession that would better tap in to her communication background. This career then led to interviewing celebrities, which allowed her to improve her relationship development skills between herself and the celebrities. She gained a better understanding on how to effectively build relationships, which sparked the idea to collaborate WWTMM with her relationship building skills that she adopted during her time as a reporter for Sky, Fox and E! Networks.

Interviewing celebrities consisted of collaborating a wide range of skills because the industry continues to change rapidly, especially with the result of social media.  In this profession, Mahim was responsible for being up dated on all the past, current and future projects of celebrities as well as, adapting to each of their personality traits.  Each personality trait resulted in different approaches and questions, allowing for an organic flow of communicating on-air.


“It’s not me, it’s you.” — MK


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Monis Zahira – Female Stylist

Monis Zahira is a recent graduate of Parsons the New School for Design where she studied Fashion Marketing. In the past year she has worked at prominent fashion houses including Gucci and Fendi, in addition to working PR/Fashion events with IMG during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. Currently, Monis runs her own personal style blog, MonisZahira: Fashion Fuel while still freelancing with IMG and working on several independent projects including the creation of her own Made in New York designs.



Jamil Hussein – Male Stylist

Jamil was born with an eye for style. At a young age he was sketching formal pieces, which ultimately led to him becoming a fashion stylist with an interest in bright colors and patterns.  With a business background he gained the knowledge to start his own graphic tee shirt business, which included faded, old and unwanted jeans for his clients. This was later placed on the back burner and education and career became his priority. Currently he is completing his graduate studies at Parsons The New School for Design. Gaining knowledge in project management within fashion and entertainment industries. Jamil has also interned at Custo Barcelona, Fendi and Marvel Entertainment.


“Dating is expensive. Get married.” – MK


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Atif Khan – Relationship Therapist

Atif Waseem Khan is a graduate from Ross University School of Medicine and is currently working as a Healthcare IT consultant. Atif can be described an inspirationalist with a passion for arts. Despite his very Bollywood nature, Atif has a good grasp on reality, recognizing the hardships often present in the South Asian community today. With a strong background in Psychology and an advocate for mental health well-being, Atif helps counsel and advise many members of the community with everyday issues such as: relationships, marital dispute, divorce and domestic abuse. His hobbies include writing, singing, dancing, following news stories, social media, and drinking chai with friends. He holds an M.D. degree as well as a B.S. in Psychology.


“Being desi has its pros and Khans.” – AWK


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